The BES Online Shop has plenty of world-class products to offer you and your loved ones. 
From our Shear Comfort range of pressure-relieving wool, to the friction-resistant GlideWear socks, and more! 
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Lockdown Update


Even with full lockdown in many areas, we would like to reassure you that BES will continue to be fully functional.  We will be processing orders as usual, and will continue to carry out face-to-face and virtual assessments as required.


If you have any queries, please contact us on or +44 (0) 1179 666 761.  


It is important to look after your skin in order to prevent pressure ulcers.


Our skincare products include Shear Comfort sheepskin and the low-friction Glidewear range, which reduce pressure, shear and friction.  

Our feet take a lot of the strain of daily life so make sure you treat yours well and prevent pressure ulcers with our Shear Comfort, Glidewear and Valgo ranges.