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Feet are delicate despite what we put them through. 

Help relieve rubbing and friction with our Glidewear range, prevent bunions with Valgo socks, or immerse

your feet in Shear Comfort boots for relief from

pressure and stress.


Our footcare range will reduce the risk of pressure

ulcers and blisters, and assist with healing, especially

for foot problems as a result of diabetes.


Sheepskin Footwear
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Shear Comfort Sheepskin Footwear
Heel pressure ulcer, pressure sore heel, foot sores, sores on toes, leg ulcers symptoms
GlideWear Socks and ShearBan Patches
Valgo Socks
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Glidewear Socks
Valgo Socks

The Shear Comfort range of sheepskin footwear encases the feet in wool for warmth and protection, good circulation and relief from pressure. Find out more about our footwear range here.

GlideWear dual-layer, breathable fabric socks provide targetted shear reduction to heels, toes and ankles that can occur due to badly fitting footwear or friction and pressure when laying in bed.

Valgo footwear is a physiotherapeutic tool designed to embrace the foot and aid in its functions for those on their feet all day whether standing, walking or running.

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