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wheelchair seating, cushion covers, posture, belt


For durability, security, and comfort look no further. Our essential seating solutions include wheelchair cushions, belts, and backs to support you wherever you go.


We offer some of the world’s leading brands of wheelchair accessories including innovative 

Bodypoint belts and luxurious Varilite cushions.

Our selection of cushions and covers can aid good posture, evenly distribute pressure and reduce shear strain allowing you to sit comfortably in your wheelchair, at work, in the car, and at home.

Cushions and Covers
Cushions and Covers
Upper Body and Lower Body Belts

Our Bodypoint Universal Elastic strap will make you feel secure and comfortable in your wheelchair, while our Rapid-Dry Shower Belt helps you have a safe and relaxing shower.

seating cushion, wheelchair cushion, wheelchair cushion cover
Joystick Handles
Back Support

Dynaspine is a dynamic back to replace wheelchair back canvasses. Unlike Dynaspine, static canvas back supports hold the spine in one position and do not allow for easy adjustability, nor dynamic movement, which can lead to back pain.

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