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Sheepskin Foot Protection by Shear Comfort

Shear Comfort footwear keeps your feet warm and

protected in a soft bed of wool, and can be worn in

bed, around the home or even when travelling. 

The footwear is designed to offer foot protection and relief from pressure by encasing the foot

with wool on all sides, an effect that is enhanced by placing all seams on the outside, so the

wool is all your feet can feel. Most of the Shear Comfort footwear range wraps around the

foot using Velcro fastenings, so the boots can be easily put on and removed without

creating friction against the skin.

Sheepskin footwear is particularly suited to helping people at risk of developing foot ulcers as a result of diabetes or pressure.

People who suffer from cold feet or poor circulation also benefit from the insulating quality of medical sheepskin footwear,

which promotes blood circulation and helps to keep the feet warm and protected. People with delicate skin on their feet and

legs can also benefit from the protective cushioning of Shear Comfort footwear providing foot protection from exterior knocks and scrapes. 

Individuals with diabetes can be prone to developing problems with their feet, for which Shear Comfort footwear is particularly well suited. Read more about diabetic foot ulcers.

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