Shear Comfort Footwear Guide

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

The keen eye would probably have noticed that our Shear Comfort boots come in various shapes and sizes in order to support your specific need for protecting and comforting your feet.

However, we understand that with many choices, it can be difficult deciding which boot is the right boot for you. We've tried to help that by creating a Shear Comfort Footwear Guide that explains in short how the different boots can help you.

How can it help you?

The Pressure Care Boot is an open foot boot which makes it helpful for toe separation and inspection. The rubber sole makes it usable for indoors and outdoors.

How can it help you?

As the name suggest, the Diabpro can be a great aid for those with diabetes that need that extra bit of pressure protection. Also the boot provides extra foot support, increasing the ease of walking.

How can it help you?

The Classic Wrap Around Boot is

designed for those who require an easy

put on or take off item. The Velcro strapping on the heel and top of the feet makes it easy to adjust throughout the day to accommodate swelling.

How can it help you?

The Slimline Wrap Around Boot has a more narrow sole width for those who have fewer challenges from foot swelling. The narrow sole makes the boot less bulky and gives it more the appearance of ordinary footwear.

How can it help you?

Cut underneath the ankle, these snug-fitting Sovereign Snug slippers are ideal for keeping the feet warm and protected. The slimmer design is a result of shorter wool pile compared to our other footwear which makes it ideal for use around the home.

How can it help you?

The Short Slipper Boot has no sole as it is designed to provide full foot protection for use indoors both in and out of bed. The position of the Velcro strapping makes then easy to put on and adjust throughout the day.

How can it help you?

Similar to the Short Slipper Boot is designed with no sole for full foot protection. The Slumber Slipper are made from the extra dense, natural wool material XD1900 which makes them ideal for those who spend more time in bed.

How can it help you?

The Tall Slipper Boot is also made from XD1900 and provides comfort and support to the entire low leg. This makes the boot ideal to those at risk of pressure ulcers on their feet and legs or those with vascular problems.

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