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Joystick Handles - Which one is best for me?

Have you seen Bodypoint's Joystick Handle range? With several types available it can be difficult to know which style is best for you. They are available in many shapes, sizes, and styles to meet functional needs and a personal preference. These handles come in two different stem sizes, 1/4" and 3/16", and all of these handles can also be either temporarily or permanenently attached. Keep reading to find out the benefits of each handle...

Ergonomic U-Shaped Handle

The curved shape and waterfall edge create a form-fitting and ergonomic design which provides maximum driving control while remaining comfortable. The user's hand size and ability to stretch can be accommodated by two widths, 3" or 4". The vertical wings prevent hands from slipping and can be reshaped to better conform to the user's hands. This handle is perfect for users with limited grip or finger movement who prefer to drive with the palm or heel of the hand.

Bodypoint U-shaped Joystick Handle by BES

Wide Rubber Dome

This joystick reduces involuntary movement through its wide profile which keeps fingers open. Sweat build up is reduced and traction is increased thanks to small ribs on the dome. This joystick provides maximum control to users with weak hands.

Bodypoint Wide Rubber Dome Joystick Handle by BES

Grooved Mushroom Joystick Handle

This joystick is a versatile model thanks to its textured surface, hand-filling shape and adaptable height. These features also allow it to meet the needs of different users. The large side grooves and fine top grooves which improve friction, also provide better grip and more control for users with limited hand function or smooth palms. The carefully design shape works equally well whether grasping from the side or top. This joystick can also easily be trimmed to different heights (60-28mm) to meet individual user needs, including palmar hand position or fingertip control. The springy and tough polyurethane material is safe (non-cytotoxic), easy to grip and easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher.

Bodypoint Grooved Mushroom Joystick Handle by BES

Straight Joystick Handle

Easy to grasp using only the last joint of the user's fingers, making it especially suitable for those with very limited hand function.

Bodypoint Straight Joystick Handle by BES

If you'd like any further information on these joysticks or any of our Bodypoint products, you can call us on 01179 666761, or email us on

You can purchase our Bodypoint Joystick Handles in our online BES Shop here.

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