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Moving seated elderly or disabled people when at the dinner table can be difficult, with 36% of carers reporting having an injury such as back pain as a result of their caring role*. It is also important to ensure everyone is aided to sit at the dinner table without causing themselves injury.

In addition, eating at the dinner table or communally has been shown to potentially reduce the likelihood of obesity and increase a person’s ability to choose healthier options/portions. Family mealtimes also allow everyone to build a sense of belonging, by talking and sharing stories about their day and strengthening relationships within the family or care home environment**.

To help overcome the difficulties faced by elderly or disabled people and their carers when joining the table at mealtimes, the Millie-Mova chair-moving device makes mealtimes safer and easier.

The Millie-Mova is a simple lever attached to the legs of a dining chair, which when pressed, engages wheels to help move the dining chair forwards or backwards with ease. The Millie-Mova retains high stability when unoccupied. This means that a person unsteady on their feet can lean on the chair and it does not “scoot” away from them, which could lead to a fall, with dire consequences. The automatic braking system is another feature that makes the Millie-Mova a safe a stable option.

The Millie-Mova is unobtrusive, improves dignity and safety for those seated, and safeguards legs and hands, meaning joining in at mealtimes has never been so easy.

To purchase or find out more about the Millie-Mova, visit our website here.



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