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Sold by BES in UK and Ireland only. Please do not order if outside of these territories.


ShearBan® is a patented contact material used by healthcare professionals and footwear specialists worldwide, which reduces friction and protects skin from rubbing, redness, irritation, and blisters.


How ShearBan works: The durable adhesive backing ensures immediate and long-lasting bonding to areas of footwear that can cause damage to skin (be it fabric, leather, plastic, and other footwear materials). Once in place, ShearBan reduces friction and related shear forces at areas of concern allowing skin or contact material to glide smoothly over the low-friction PTFE film.


  • Available in beige or blue, ShearBan comes in packs of 12 pre-cut patches, or as sheets that can be cut into shape
  • Recommended for individuals with: hot spots, calluses, blisters, or foot ulcerations
  • Can be used for: casual, athletic, and formal footwear, insoles/foot orthoses, prosthetic sockets, and sports equipment
  • Does not contain Latex


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ShearBan - Blister Prevention Patches

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