Bodypoint® have designed a whole range of joystick handles to suit your driving style, enabling you to drive with greater control and confidence.

A standard ball-style joystick may be fine for a user with good grip, but not so good for users with a weaker grip. This is why Bodypoint® have designed joystick handles including the new grooved mushroom shape, to suit any driving style. All Bodypoint® joystick handles are mounted on a flex-shaft stem, a flexible polyurethane stem that absorbs tremors and vibrations for a smoother drive. The shaft can be bent at a 90° angle to prevent any obstacles from breaking the joystick, whilst protecting the electronics inside.


Click here for information about Bodypoint's Joystick Mounting Systems. 

If you require mounting hardware and gatlins, please visit our Gatlins page.

Bodypoint Joystick Handles for Powered Wheelchairs

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