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Calf Panels and Straps are used to provide increased support for the back of the calves. These can be mounted on any wheelchair for enhanced cushioning and pressure distribution.


Calf Panels and Straps use high-quality materials for superior durability and comfort. Aeromesh ® material allows for air and water vapour transfer to maintain skin integrity, and both the panels and straps contain a non-wrinkling Laminar Pad for supportive comfort.


These supports mount to the wheelchair with hook-and-loop fastenings, and do not have to be removed when the wheelchair is collapsed. Calf Panels offer a large surface area for improved pressure redistribution, wheras Calf Straps are slimmer and more discreet.


Care for your calves with Bodypoint® Calf Straps and Calf Panels, and improve the comfort of your wheelchair.

Bodypoint Calf Strap & Panels

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