The Millie-Mova is a unique, easy to use, manual handling system designed to help carers move elderly or disabled people safely while they are seated in their chair. The Millie-Mova attaches to the base of any four-legged chair, and has a spring mechanism that allows the carer to engage the wheels to glide a chair from one place to another with an occupant in place.


Unlike other solutions to the challenge of moving elderly or disabled people whilst safely seated, a chair fitted with the Millie-Mova retains high stability, and incorporates an automatic brake, when unoccupied. This means that a person unsteady on their feet can lean on the chair without it sliding away from them, which could otherwise lead to a fall.


  • The universal kit fits virtually any dining chair and is simple to install
  • Eliminates risk of manual handling injuries to carers (back, hip, knee, and shoulder)
  • Prolongs chair and floor life
  • Available with optional extension pedal for large chairs such as armchairs
  • Chair not included


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Millie-Mova Chair-Moving Device

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