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What do you need from a seat cushion?

The Raft Posture Seat and Posture Seat Plus bases are designed using innovative ports

and pillars technology. The design promotes continuous air flow and creates a seating

base that is breathable, giving cool comfort. The pillars distribute weight and reduce

pressure on the spine that otherwise can lead to back pain. The pillars also contribute

towards maintaining good posture, helping to eliminate the poor posture and associated

pain that can result from long hours in front of a computer or behind a wheel.

The Raft Posture Seat and Posture Seat Plus bases have four key features:

Air flow

Air flow helps to keep the skin cool and lets it breathe. Heat and perspiration

are dispersed to give cool comfort and help protect skin. Hot, sticky seats

can be a thing of the past.

Weight Distribution

The Posture Seats have 49 pillars. Each pillar yields, but does not

collapse so that weight is more evenly distributed across the seating

surface. The base of the spine comfortably accommodated by

immersion pillars that contour and cradle, spreading the load and

relieving pressure on the hips and tail bone.

Good Posture: Reduced Back Pain

The immersion pillars under the base of the spine within the Posture

Seats allow the spine to settle in a natural position, while the immersion

pillars under the buttocks allow the pelvis to tilt forward. The result is

a well-balanced spine with natural curves and relaxed muscles, and a

reduction in hip and back pain arising as a result of poor posture.

Washable and Heat Resistant

The Posture Seats have a non-porous surface which makes them

waterproof. They can be washed in a washing machine – or even a

dishwasher! They can withstand water temperatures up to 80 degrees

Celsius. The Raft covers are also machine washable.

See the chart below for sizes:

If you'd like to purchase a Raft seat, head on over to our shop!

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