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10 Ideas for Christmas Gifts that will Bring Comfort all Year

Christmas is a time for many joyful things. Yet, Christmas joy can easily turn into a hassle when shopping for presents for the people you love.

We have carefully selected 10 comfortable products that we believe would be ideal that you can easily purchase online.

The wheelchair bag from Bodypoint is a great accessory whether it’s for your wheelchair, car or public transport. The bag is small and handy but can easily carry all essentials such as wallet, phone, keys, ipad etc.

This would be the ideal present for the person who is always on the go and need their personal belongings close at hand.

The Shear Comfort baby rug is made from natural wool making it a cosy present that both babies and parents will love.

The rug is designed with the aim of being very soft on the baby’s skin while still providing a dense feeling. The natural material means that there’re no chemicals added making it allergy friendly. the rug can be washed with up to 80 degrees with normal detergent and guaranteed against deterioration for up to 50 washes and can easily be fitted into a cot or crib.

3. Raft Posture Seat (£66.00)

If you’ve ever worked in an office, subjecting your back to the same seating position, you would probably be all too familiar with the agony of a sore and tired back by the end of the day. The Raft Posture Seat is a great aid to prevent soar backs with its innovative pillar technology. The seat fits most office chairs, dinner chairs and wheelchairs.

The design contributes to maintaining a good posture while reducing pressure on the spine.

4. Valgo Bunion Socks (from £18.60)

Although it’s not a condition many talk about, it is thought that up to half of adults in UK may have bunions.Contributing factors can be genes, bad footwear, and general bad health. Whatever the cause, a bunion is something that can have great damage to your wellbeing in terms of pain and body image.

The Valgo Bunion Socks are a simple and non-invasive solution that supports the foot muscles and promote good blood circulation.

When it comes to Christmas presents, a pair of comfortable warm slippers is always a winner.

Besides being warm and comfortable on your feet, the Sovereign Snugs from Shear Comfort are made from natural Australian sheepskin. This gives them the unique property of relieving pressure from your feet and thereby prevent pressure ulcers. The slim design along with the non-slip suede sole makes the Sovereign Snug a stylish item that’s ideal for everyday use inside the home.

They say that all good things come in small packages and the ShearBan Blister Prevention Patches definitely lives up to that saying. The patches are made from a patented stick-on material which makes it easy to attach the patches to your shoes to reduce friction and protect your skin from redness, irritation and blisters.

If you want to give your significant other or a close relative a real treat, the natural wool overlays from Shear Comfort will guarantee true comfort and quality rest. The mattress overlay is made from Shear Comfort’s XD1900 merino wool material which also consists of woven natural wool fibres attached to a fabric backing. This offers you a product that is more effective in redistributing pressure and lighter to carry compared to other wool materials.

The luxury doesn’t stop here! As the unique properties of the XD1900 merino wool, makes it the only wool material that can be washed with standard detergent at 80 degrees without deteriorating.

8. Shear Comfort Wool Shampoo (from £18.00)

While on the subject of washing, an alternative to a shampoo gift box, could be our wool shampoo from Shear Comfort. The shampoo is specifically made to take good care of clothing, overlays etc. that’s made of sheepskin and natural wool.

One of the shampoo’s special ingredients is tea tree oil with its anti-dust mite properties - the source of allergy symptoms in many people.

So not only does the Shear Comfort wool shampoo make your favourite wool products last longer, it also limits the risk of triggering allergies.

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a red Christmas stocking, but why not buy a pair of durable socks that can be used after the Christmas holiday too?

GlideWear Friction Reducing Ankle Socks are designed for people with limited mobility, and people who are bed bound, to avoid skin breakdown on heels and ankles. You can either wear the socks alone or under a thicker pair of socks if you need that extra bit of warmth.

The socks are made from GlideWear’s patented two layer technology which is designed to let the skin breathe through the fabric to help maintain the skin’s tissue integrity.

Help relieve a close one's long drive to work, or help them relax into their favourite armchair with the Shear Comfort Cushion-It. It is a must for added comfort when sitting for an extended period of time. Similar to other products from Shear Comfort, the Cushion-It is made from natural sheep’s wool making it perfect for cold weather, and surprisingly cool in the summer as a result of its ability to regulate body temperature.

With the fastened Velcro straps, the Cushion-It can even be fastened underneath your car seat, wheelchair, or armchair to help secure it in place.

Remember to use voucher code XMAS17 for 10% off our selected Christmas items!

We accept orders until Wednesday 20 December 2017.

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