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4 Facts about how Wool can help you!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019


Did you know, wool has many more properties than just keeping you warm during winter? In fact, although it may appear quite simple, wool is actually a very sophisticated material that is perfect to use if you suffer from sores or irritation caused by pressure or friction.

Here we present the top four reasons explaining why wool is such a great pressure relieving material:

1. Wool Regulates the Body’s Temperature

Although it might not fit the classic image of a warm knitted woollen sweater, wool is actually great at helping the body regulate temperature. It does that by both insulating from the cold – hence the use during winter – and by dissipating heat. For centuries Bedouins in the heat of the Sahara Dessert have used Merino wool clothing to keep cool! The fine fibres allow air to circulate, and sweat to pass through and evaporate.

2. Wool Wicks the Moisture from Your Skin

As we all know, wet skin can be very uncomfortable. Over time it can cause maceration and weakening of the skin. Once again, wool can come to your rescue as it has a hydrophilic quality, which means that it absorbs moisture from the skin. This is the same reason why sheep can hold up to a third of their weight in water before “feeling” wet!

3. Wool Reduces Damage to your Skin

Ever stroked a sheep, or even just brushed your hand across a woolly garment, and wondered why it was so smooth and soft? This is because wool has an outer protein layer which makes the fibres slippery. This means skin can move across a wool surface with lessened resistance. This also allows the fibres to move past one another easily – the fibres move with the user’s movements rather than pulling on the skin, thereby reducing damaging frictional forces.

4. Wool Redistributes Pressure

Wool consists of fibres with a high amount of density. These fibres act like small springs which absorb pressure without flattening out and becoming solid. This, in turn, helps redistribute the body’s pressure. When you sit, or rest part of your body, on wool, it reduces peak pressure-points which are the main causes of pressure sores and other skin disorders.

There we have it! Isn’t wool wonderful! If you’re curious about what wool can do for you as a healthcare aid, why not take a look at the BES Online Shop where we have a wide range of wool products to help relieve pressure and reduce friction.

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