Bodypoint® Mobility Bag keeps your essentials close to hand, safely and discreetly. It is big enough to hold a day’s needs, and fits snuggly on any wheelchair. It can also fit into a seat pocket in a car, train, bus, or plane.


Two attachment options are included: the detachable seat clip slides onto the seat sling or side guard, or the seat clip can be removed so as to use the Velcro-style tabs to attach to an arm support or directly to the seat canvas.


  • Large compartments feature jingle-free zippers for quite travel, and the oversized pull loops make handling easier
  • A contrasting interior lining helps locate items by sight
  • Mesh front pockets provide easy access so you don’t miss that important call
  • Handy inside hanging hook for home or bathroom use
  • Clip for keys
  • Machine wash in cold water on a delicate cycle and the bag dries overnight


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Wheelchair Bag - Under Seat Storage

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